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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Sleeve of Innovation

                                  The Sleeve of Innovation
I generate ideas, that improve the quality of life.  I wish innovation all the time, and when I witness it, the wings of my soul flap with cheer at humanity's improvement.  I always wish for more.  Employment for all and well lit laundry rooms with beautiful outdoor views.  I have simple wishes, like, "car doors and bumpers coated in rubber", and I also have complicated wishes like,  "slip-on shoes and roofs that never leak."  Why can't I make more innovation happen, faster, and easier...? Does innovation somehow threaten me, even though I desire it?  Wishing for an improved and painless world is my never ending conflict.  I am inspired and  believe that innovation is happening, regardless of how I  help it along.  I hope for the advancement of humanity.  Even if I just wish, It is the least that I can do, to implement my innovative humanitarian dreams.

by James George Poulos

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