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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is Artisan Living?

This blog is about artisan lifestyle, and communicating and teaching artisan living.  What is artisan living?
Artisan living is celebrating the beautiful aspects of life at every moment, and by doing so, bringing the beauty that life can be into awareness and making it a reality.  Artisan living can start small, and here and there, and eventually can be big and everywhere. Putting on your shoes can be done in artisan fashion. Sit on an outdoor park bench (placed indoors), and slide on your shoes with a red, shoe horn. Give a compliment and smile.  Wear a suit to a movie about poetry. These are examples of artisan living.

It does involve some work to increase the level of artisan. Many Nouns can be artisan, nevertheless, the higher your spirits soar, the better. Much help is required to achieve a high artisan experience. Research teaches and inspires us.  My wife referred me to <a href="">which</a> is a great example of a blog that can inspire the artisan lifestyle.

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